Project History

As a follow-up project, bwFDM-Info builds on the results of bwFDM-Communities. This exploration project was tasked with conducting guided interviews on the topic of research data management (RDM) with members of all scientific communities at Baden-Württemberg's 9 universities. The project was able to collect over 2500 user stories centered around the communities' RDM needs and problems. The need for basic German-language information on research data management emerged as one of the basic requirements for efficient reseach data management.

Catering to his need, the information platform was developed by the members of the bwFDM-Info project lead by the universities of Heidelberg, Hohenheim, Konstanz, Tübingen and the KIT Karlsruhe. Like its preceding projects bwFDM-Info II is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (MWK Baden-Württemberg). It is the aim of this project to provide information on research data management as well as best practice examples in order to facilitate the scientific use of research data.

Project coordinator

Frank Tristram (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))

Current project members

Jan Kröger (Konstanz University)

Dr. Kerstin Vanessa Wedlich (KIT, formerly University of Hohenheim)

 Fabian Gebhart (University of Heidelberg)

 Former project members

 Martin Baumann (University of Heidelberg)

Joe Gain (Konstanz University)

Jonas Kratzke (University of Heidelberg)

Jessica Rex (Konstanz University)

Fabian Schwabe (University of Tübingen)

Dr. Dieta-Frauke Svoboda (University of Tübingen)

Martin Wlotzka (University of Heidelberg)