The EOSC Stakeholder Forum - Shaping the Future of the EOSC

Dienstag, 28. November 2017
– Mittwoch, 29. November 2017

SQUARE, Brüssel/Belgien

EOSCpilot project

The event aims at charting a course towards a concrete and sustainable EOSC, identifying first steps on the EU added-value of EOSC and its building blocks to make European Open Science a user-friendly reality. Specifically, the event will:

  1. Communicate the early results of the EOSCpilot project, collect feedback on the pilot's findings, and raise the questions which remain open in the shape of the EOSC.
  2. Identify possible EOSC shapes and features to clear up the vision of the EOSC with concrete and user-oriented attributes, taking into account the first HLEG report and the EOSC's pilot Science Demonstrators. The event will collect ideas shared by stakeholders to help shape the direction of the EOSC.
  3. Discuss the practical possibilities of the EOSC and identify minimal viable products to deliver European added value e.g. architecture, functionalities, training or collaborative tools, with all stakeholders and assess their feasibility, value, cost, sustainability, openness and user-friendliness.
  4. Prioritize the implementation roadmap with stakeholders identifying the most urgent steps they believe are necessary to build the EOSC, and by comparing ideas in Panel Discussions.
  5. Present and discuss possible governance, funding and business models to sustain the EOSC aiming at light and Pan-European frameworks. Shape and show your interest in taking part of the EOSC Advisory Stakeholder Forum.
  6. Share Good Practices and local initiatives fostering Open Science, which could be generalized to the EOSC, including the EOSC Pilot Science Demonstrators, and other Open Science friendly organisations and associations, in order to inspire all EOSC builders.